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MOMIS Billing

MOMIS Billing is a window-based application designed specifically for healthcare providers to handle their Alberta Health claim process as well as direct patient billing and third party billing. It is being used by general practice and specialists from multiple disciplines.

Application Highlights

  1. Default billing settings can be stored into each service provider's record to expedite billing process.
  2. Integration with Appointment Scheduling provides easy retrieval of patient's record for billing. This can be done by a single click of Next Billing in the Billing Screen for patients already checked in at the front desk.
  3. Create/update patient information while you are working in the billing screen.
  4. Comprehensive service and payment history provides easy tracking of claims. This is accessed through the billing or patient screen.
  5. Change management of previously assessed claims as easy as clicking on an appropriate ACTION CODE button of Change, Delete, or Re-Assess.
  6. Batch Total feature facilities control check of data entry accuracy and data correction.
  7. Daily entry report provides log of data entry activities by Service Date or Data Entry Date.
  8. Schedule Benefit Period Validation on service code such as 03.04A
  9. Chain your own multiple service codes; e.g. 03.05A followed by 13.62A
  10. Note Writer for Supporting Text facilitates Copy & Paste for easy text manipulation.
  11. Record/update patient's most recent visit date after each billing cycle.
  12. MOMIS Billing can be installed in single PC system or multiple workstations running under a Windows Server network.
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